10 Eastern Washington Hikes for a Day Trip

December 26, 2019

Lace up your kicks, because it’s time to take a hike! Eastern Washington is home to scenic wildlife and landscapes that are best seen on foot traversing through steep inclines, alongside rivers, and winding through mountainous forests.

If you’re visiting the Washington area, your trip won’t be complete without these top day trip worthy Eastern Washington hikes. Check them out!

Enjoy all the beauty that Washington has to offer with these Eastern Washington hikes

Hoh Rainforest Trail

Don’t miss the Hoh Rainforest Trail in the Olympic National Park! The trail is home to Roosevelt elk, various species of cascading moss, and large trees that look like something out of a sci-fi movie. This 10.6-mile hike ascends 500 feet—perfect for first-time backpackers and adventurous nomads.

Learn more: Hoh Rainforest Trail, Washington Trails Association

Horseshoe Basin

Trek through the great outdoors of the North Cascades on the Horseshoe Basin trail near the Canadian border. This trail is home to an abundance of wildlife, including bears, deer, and bighorn sheep. However keep in mind, that this 12-mile roundtrip day hike is not for the faint of heart.

Learn more: Horseshoe Basin, Washington Trails Association

Anderson and Watson Lakes

You haven’t seen the best of Eastern Washington’s hiking trails until you’ve journeyed to the Anderson and Watson Lakes. This relatively easy hike is perfect for families and inexperienced hikers. Along the six-mile trail are copious opportunities for breathtaking glimpses of mountain ranges, and of course sleek views of the glassy Anderson and Watson Lakes.

Learn more: Anderson and Watson Lakes, Washington Trails Association

Spider Meadows | Flickr Credit: @Martin Bravenboer licensed by CC BY 2.0

Spider Meadow and Phelps Basin

Strap on your day pack for this 13-mile hike across the Central Cascades. Spider Meadow and Phelps Basin is an arduous hike with rewarding views of the glorious Glacier Peak Wilderness. As a result, this hike will challenge even the most seasoned hikers as it ascends nearly 2000 feet.

Learn more: Spider Meadow and Phelps Basin, Washington Trails Association

Rialto Beach and Hole-in-the-Wall

Escape to the beach! Stroll the rocky shore of Rialto Beach to explore the seaside wildlife, including whales, sea lions, otters, and seabirds. In addition, the beach hike has spectacular views of James and Little James islands.

Learn more: Rialto Beach and Hole-in-the-Wall, Washington Trails Association

Bird Mountain Loop

Get away from the hustle and bustle at Bird Mountain! The Bird Mountain Loop is a 10-mile trek in the Mount Adams area. This intermediate level hike ascends 1,875 feet and reaches an elevation of 5,230 feet. Additionally, this winding hike through the South Cascades has several campsites perfect for an overnight stay.

Learn more: Bird Mountain Loop, Washington Trails Association

Rialto Beach by Rob Wynne licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0

Tolmie Peak Lookout

You won’t be able to get enough of the views at Tolmie Peak Lookout! This trail begins at the Mowich campground with immediate views of Mowich Lake. In addition, the hike reveals scenic views of Eunice Lake, Carbon River Valley, and Mount Rainer.

Learn more: Tolmie Peak Lookout, Washington Trails Association

Tipsoo Lake-Naches Peak Loop

Pack up the family car for this easy day hike! Tipsoo Lake-Naches Peak Loop is an all-levels three-mile hike in Steven’s Canyon. Even more, this hike is short and flat, only gaining about 600 feet in elevation. In the peak months of August and September, visitors are treated with spectacular views of fields of wildflowers—perfect for an impromptu photo-op.

Learn more: Tipsoo Lake-Naches Peak Loop, Washington Trail Association

Quinault River-Pony Bridge-Enchanted Valley

Keep your eyes peeled in the Enchanted Valley! The Valley is home to deer, elk, black bears, woodpeckers and more! Because this lush area receives about 14 feet of rain each year, the wildlife and flora here grow in abundance.

Learn more: Quinault River-Pony Bridge-Enchanted Valley, Washington Trail Association

Larch Lake

Larch Lake is a year-round destination that provides beautiful scenery! Visitors especially appreciate the beautiful green, red, and yellow colors of the autumn foliage. Hikers travel along the McCue Ridge to reveal an all-encompassing view of the crystal-like Larch Lake and Chiwaukum Lake.

Learn more: Larch Lake, Washington Trail Association

Turn your day trip into a weekend affair!

Eastern Washington is home to a plethora of scenic hikes! However, to see it all, you might consider making your day trip into a weekend-long trip of nature hikes.

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