10 Surprising Facts About Soap Lake, Washington

May 24, 2019

The splendor of Washington State is hard to rival. Year after year, travelers flock to the Northwest to visit its beautiful towns and its natural splendor. Soap Lake, Washington, home to the historical Soap Lake, is one of the most underrated jewels of the state.

The mineral lake found in the area is said to have healing powers and has attracted countless visitors for centuries. Today,, visitors visit the area to enjoy the beauty of the town and lake.

Thinking about visiting? We have some neat facts about Soap Lake, Washington here for you.

1. Incorporated in 1919

Soap Lake has a rich history that dates back to the turn of the century when rival factions had split the terrain in two. One faction called the town Siloam, while the other called it Cottage City. Soap Lake won out in 1919, and the chosen name ended the feud.

2. Healing Waters

The name “Soap Lake” came from the original Native American name, Smokiam, which translates to “healing waters.” The name is wonderfully chosen as the water appears to have a healing effect on those who bathe in it.

3. Early Spas

Spas have evolved quite a bit over the years. During the first years of the twentieth century, for example, they were known as sanitariums. Soap Lake was one of the first towns in the area that had them. For over a hundred years, people have been bathing in these mineral-rich waters.

4. Highest Mineral Content

Scientists highly regard Soap Lake because of its high mineral content. Specifically, 23 minerals are present in the body of water. To date, Soap Lake has one of the highest mineral counts in the world. An additional healing substance in the lake is ichthyols, used to treat infections, cuts, and scrapes.

5. In Between Cities

Soap Lake is centrally located in Washington State and sits right in between Seattle and Spokane. For individuals looking to see the best of the state, Soap Lake, Washington is a place they do not want to miss.

6. Tourism Abounds

The town is starting to see an increase in tourist activity as individuals are becoming more health-conscious. For this reason, Soap Lake refers to itself as “Washington’s Health Resort”. In addition, the lake has a buoyant effect similar to the Dead Sea, which gives a further unique aspect for visitors to enjoy.

7. Local Population

As of 2017, the population in Soap Lake is an astoundingly low 1,579 residents. Residents of Soap Lake proudly welcome numerous guests a year and are happy to share the history  and health benefits of their home.

8. Lake History

In 2014, several bottles containing samples of the lake dating back to 1952 were found in a local’s basement. Scientist tested the samples to detect and observe any changes to the lake over time. Overall, research has shown that after more than 50 years, Soap Lake still has the highest diverse mineral content of any body of water on the planet.

9. Lava Lamp

For over eleven years, the town of Soap Lake has debated about building an enormous Lava Lamp. The idea was originally for the lava lamp to be a tourist attraction, but it has evolved into a cause that rallies the town together. The giant lava lamp still has not been built to this day, but residents seem to enjoy the debate more than the actual lava lamp.

10. Great Place to Visit

Soap Lake, Washington, with its rich history and beautiful landscapes, is a great place to visit. Do yourself a favor and book your stay at Soap Lake Resort to explore this lovely town for yourself. We’re sure that you won’t regret it!