5 Attractions Along I-90 Washington

August 29, 2018

Stretching from Seattle to Spokane, through the Cascade Mountains and rolling Central Washington hills, you will find many attractions along I-90 Washington. The scenic drive is only around 5 hours, but why stop there? From a therapeutic lake to a beautiful, scenic waterfall, Washington State is the perfect place to turn a short drive into a proper road trip.

Whether you add a few hours onto your trip or a couple days, check out the top 5 attractions along I-90 Washington that you absolutely cannot miss.

1. Soap Lake Resort

Have you heard of the world-renowned, naturally mineralized lake in the middle of Central Washington? Of course, we’re talking about Soap Lake! For generations, this lake has been known to help treat a number of conditions like psoriasis, eczema, muscle pain, and more.

Plus, it gets better.

Soap Lake Resort is located steps away from the lake. Now, instead of a simple day trip, you can make a whole weekend out of the experience! With cozy cabins and a luxury mineral water spa, it’s the perfect place to relax and revive. Aside from swimming and rejuvenating mud baths, there are also other attractions in the local area. Many guests enjoy hiking, kayaking, exploring the historic town, and enjoying lunch at the local gem, Lakeside Bistro.

2. Thorp Fruit and Antique Mall

Thorp Fruit and Antique Mall is a family-owned, local business started in 1944. Originally a small fruit stall on the side of the road, the business has grown into a charming store showcasing a large collection of quality antiques and vintage items.

The owners pride themselves in providing the freshest fruit from local producers and sourcing specialty food products and wines. For tourists and locals alike, this is a necessity when traveling through the State of Washington.

Stop on by and grab some delicious, Washington fruit – the perfect road trip snack!

3. Snoqualmie Falls

When it comes to must-see scenic attractions in Washington, this one tops the cake! Snoqualmie Falls is the perfect detour, photo opportunity, and a chance to stretch your legs. A short hiking trail leads to an observation deck overlooking the magnificent 270-foot waterfall.

Plus, there is a gift shop and several picnic tables in the 2-acre park. As you’re driving through, make sure to stop here for a quiet lunch with a beautiful view!

4. Cave B Winery

Although commonly known as an award-winning boutique winery, Cave B is not just a winery. It is also an event space with a natural Gorge Amphitheater! There is an expansive outdoor stage area and room for festival seating. In the summer, this is a popular location for summer music events and festivals.

Whether you have an interest in wine tasting, taking in the gorgeous views, or attending a music event… Cave B is a beautiful, memorable, and unique place to visit.

5. Wild Horses Monument

The Wild Horses Monument was designed and created by Chewelah sculptor David Govedare. The sculpture, originally named “Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies”, was started in 1989. But, due to lack of funding, was never fully completed. Despite this, it is still a beautiful piece of art and worth a visit.

The 15 galloping horses that have been installed are life-size and sculpted from metal. They are on a plateau with beautiful views of the Columbia river providing inspiring photo opportunities. The art installation is best seen from a distance to see the whole composition, though it is worth hiking up the trail to see the individual horses too.