5 Free Things to Do in Washington State in 2020

December 19, 2021

We all like to have fun. However, most of us are thrifty and aren’t willing to part with our hard-earned cash.

So what do you do when you want to take your significant other on a date, but don’t have the funds for an expensive meal? What about when you want to take the kids out of the house to do something fun, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars doing it? Where do you go when you want to take a self-care day, but can’t afford the abhorrent fees of a spa?

These are all questions people ask all the time, and rightfully so. But what if I told you there are tons of fun free things to do in Washington state?

That’s right! You don’t have to spend a dime on any of these five events!

Check Out These Free Things to Do in Washington State This Year!

1. Soak in World-Renowned Mineral Water

Soap Lake is one of the most unique bodies of water in the world. The water has twenty-three minerals naturally found in the lake, which is the highest mineral-count in the world!

What does this mean?

The water and mud in the lake have tons of health benefits. For example, it can improve circulation, soothe skin discomfort, heal bacterial and fungal infections, and give your skin a healthy glow.

Some visitors choose to slather the lake mud on their skin, which acts as a natural mud bath. With the mineral water and mud to soak in, it’s like having a free spa day!

In fact, the town of Soap Lake has incredible hiking spots, bird watching areas, and a scenic byway to drive down.

2. Go On a Hike or Visit a Park

While national parks require a fee to enter the park, many beautiful hiking spots in Washington that are free.

For instance, Hawk Creek Trail and Hoodoo Canyon Trail are beautiful, water-front hikes that aren’t too strenuous or difficult.

If you happen to find yourself in Grant County, which is only twenty-five miles from Soap Lake, be sure to explore the Blue Lake Rhino Cave, which was formed by a 15 million-year-old rhinoceros! You can explore the oddly-shaped cave for free.

In addition to hikes, you can also go to a park. For example, Seattle’s Washington Park Arboretum, Lakewood’s Fort Steilacoom Park, and Bellingham’s Sehome Hill Arboretum are favorites of locals.

3. Take a Trip to the Ocean

There are some incredibly unique beaches in Washington to check out!

For instance, Glass Beach is a great place to find beach glass and other cool rocks. Then, you can take your findings home and make free jewelry or household decorations out of the beautiful glass and rocks. Additionally, near Glass Beach is a quaint Victorian-styled town to walk around.

Tree Root Cave is another unique beach, with a large tree making up the roof of an ocean cave. Some picturesque beaches with historical significance include Waikiki Beach and Cape Flattery. Lastly, Seattle’s Waterfront is a fun urban area to walk around.

Additionally, there are many dog-friendly beaches in Washington to bring your furry friend along.

4. Visit a Museum

Believe it or not, but some museums are free! For example, the Frye Art Museum has free parking, admissions, and tours!

However, most museums have an entrance fee. But there’s good news! Most museums have a free day once a month. Here is a list of free admission days of some of the most popular museums in Washington state:

If there is a museum near you that you would like to visit for free, check their website, or give them a call to find out which day of the month they have free admission.

5. Enjoy a Local Art Walk

Art walks take place all over Seattle, from little towns to Seattle’s big city. These events are free of charge and offer art-lovers a chance to see local talent.

For instance, Pioneer Square in Seattle hosts an art walk on the first Thursday of every month with free parking from 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm. On the second Friday of each month, Belltown hosts a lovely art walk to promote local businesses, celebrate art, and connect with the community. Tons of free art walks happen throughout Seattle and surrounding areas, so be sure to find out if there are any near you!

Plan a Trip!

There are tons of free things to do in Washington state that can be fun and exciting for anyone! So what are you waiting for? Plan an outing for you and your significant other, get the kids out of the house for a budget-safe day or plan a mini-vacation around some of these locations.

In fact, Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort sits right on the beach of the natural Soap Lake spa. Not only do you get to enjoy the beach and have a spa day, but you can also explore nearby caves and partake in adventurous hiking trips for all skill levels.

That’s right! A relaxing vacation with tons of free things to do is just a click away. Book your stay today at Soap Lake Resort to get started or contact the resort for more information!