5 Things To Do In Eastern Washington

April 20, 2018

Eastern Washington: lush pine tree forests, rolling hills, and beautiful lakes create a highly diversified state. There is something for everyone here. You can take a heritage walk, shred the slopes, visit a national forest, immerse yourself in art galleries, or enjoy a relaxing evening of spa treatments.

For your next excursion to the Pacific Northwest, check out these 5 things to do in Eastern Washington.

1. Visit Soap Lake

Soap Lake is a small town between Seattle and Spokane. Before settlers arrived, local Native American tribes would visit Soap Lake for its healing properties. The waters are packed with minerals and nutrients that the body needs for detoxification. Thousands of people visit Soap Lake every year to take a relaxing break from their daily lives, unwind, take a nice stroll, and enjoy rejuvenating spa treatments on the shores of the lake.

Plus, you can explore the several hiking areas nearby. So once you feel adequately rejuvenated, you can head out into nature for an adventurous day in nature.

2. Spa & Jetted at Soap Lake Resort

The best place for a spa treatment in Eastern Washington is Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort. It has some of the most amazing modern suites where you’ll enter comfort and relaxation, unlike anything you’ve experienced.

Start your stay with a dip in the healing Jetted Tub infused with the mineral-rich waters of Soap Lake. Here, you can absorb all the benefits of the water from the comfort of your personal room.

And don’t miss the mud spa treatment! There are so many health benefits of staying in the resort — you’ll never want to leave! Once you’re done with all the treatments, head over to the resort’s private beach for more rest and relaxation.

3. Centennial Trail at Spokane

There’s no better way to enjoy Eastern Washington’s beauty than with the Centennial Trail at Spokane. The Spokane River trail connects with other gorgeous trails that feature over 60 miles of walking area along the Historic buildings of Downtown Spokane, through Spokane’s famous Riverfront Park, and next to some of the most scenic views on this side of the state.

The river, wildlife, and community make it worth the drive to the city. Eastern Washington is filled with many hidden gems, the Centennial Trail being one of the most fun places to explore the great outdoors.

4. Yakima Valley

Yakima Valley is the birthplace of Washington State’s wine industry that attracts thousands of visitors across the state. You’ll love walking around this small town and making your way down to wine country to sample locally made wine and experience an excursion like no other.

Additionally, you can go mountain biking, play a round of golf, or chat with locals about the flora and fauna of the region. It’s a pleasant mix of beautiful weather, local wine, and outdoor activities.

5. Columbia National Wildlife Refuge

You can find some gorgeous wildlife at the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge. Test your luck and keep an eye out for golden eagles, yellow-headed blackbird sightings, beavers, and even moose from your canoe or kayak as you paddle across the several lakes in the area.

Regardless of your interests or purpose for traveling, there are more than enough things to do in Eastern Washington to create a unique and memorable vacation.