7 of the best lakes in Eastern Washington

July 12, 2017

The long, warm days of summer are finally here! As Washingtonians, we are fortunate enough to have nearly 8,000 lakes in our state, many of which make great destinations for sunny days. These seven lakes are especially perfect for making new summer memories.

Here are seven of the best lakes in Eastern Washington.

Soap Lake

Located between Spokane and Seattle, Soap Lake is Washington State’s only natural mineral lake! Known as ‘nature’s spa’, the silky water and rich mud are known to have both healing and beauty benefits. Besides taking luxurious DIY mud baths, visitors can enjoy paddle boarding, kayaking, and swimming. Aside from the water activities, there is a charming local live theater, hiking and bird watching! While visiting Soap Lake, be sure to take a break and enjoy a meal prepared by award winning chef, Dakota Likewise, at Lakeside Bistro.

Lake Roosevelt

Named after President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lake Roosevelt provides opportunities for fishing, boating, swimming and canoeing. The lake – or more accurately, the reservoir – is a 130-mile stretch that offers 22 public boat launches that offer a wide variety of opportunities for every type of watercraft. From canoes to motorboats, all boaters are guaranteed a great day out on the water. The lake offers hundreds of hidden beaches, inlets and coves for sunbathing during the day and stargazing at night!

Lake Chelan

The pristine blue waters of this 50.5-mile long lake make Lake Chelan a great summer destination. Activities range scuba diving in the crystal clear water to windsurfing and stand up paddleboarding. But the activities don’t stop there! Lake Chelan is surrounded by vineyards, mountains and a small town full of charm.

Banks Lake

One of the best lakes in Eastern Washington is Banks Lake — a man-made lake surrounded by stunning basalt cliffs. This is a great vacation destination and can be fished all year round. For recreational activities, visit Steamboat Rock State Park! It offers a 3,522-acre camping facility and 50,000 feet of waterfront access for boating and swimming! In addition to typical water activities, visitors can enjoy rock climbing.

Alta Lake

Known for its trout fishing and horseback riding, Alta Lake is a serene body of water 200 miles east of Seattle. Perfect for a family getaway, Alta Lake State Park offers picnicking, camping and over two miles of hiking trails.  

Deer Lake

Deer Lake is the premier location for boaters, campers, RV’ers and outdoor enthusiasts. Secluded in the Pacific Northwest’s evergreens, the lake is located just north of Spokane. Keep an eye out for wildlife while you are there! If you’re lucky, you can spot moose, black bears, elk, mountain lions and deer.

Loon Lake

About 30 miles northwest of Spokane lies Loon Lake. It is a beautiful place to enjoy fishing, boating and swimming during the summer. It is especially wonderful on the 4th of July when locals and visitors decorate their boats for a boat parade!

Overall, there is no shortage of fun, or water, in The Evergreen State. We hope this list inspires you to visit one of the seven best lakes in Eastern Washington!