Are Mud Baths Good for Your Skin?

April 20, 2018

Mud bath enthusiasts claim that mud baths are the best thing for your skin. The healing properties found in many of the popular mud packs are proven to be highly therapeutic to the joints, muscles, and ligaments and provide essential nutrients that are absorbed through the skin. If you’ve ever asked yourself –  ‘Are mud baths good for your skin?’ then this is the post for you.

What is a Mud Bath?

Mud baths have been around for generations now, as they’re passed down from civilization to civilization. Oftentimes, mud baths are offered by spas and resorts to incorporate therapeutic mud into a skin cleanse.

Mud baths contain certain essential minerals like sulfur, zinc, magnesium, and bromine that can draw out impurities from the skin. This helps your skin to glow and shine throughout the day while acting as an exfoliant. Relaxing in a mud bath treatment also improves skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis while simultaneously reducing joint pain and soothes muscles.

Reduce Stress With Mud Baths

Want to know the best thing that you can do for your skin? Reduce your stress levels.

A great mud bath can do just that, making you happier and improving the quality of your skin.  Your body gets a chance to de-stress and unwind until it can prepare detoxifying elements in the blood cells. Mud baths also calm your nerves by providing some much-needed alone time. This meditative practice helps alleviate chronic problems associated with a fast-paced life.

Mud Bath Safety Tips

You might be thinking to yourself – ‘Isn’t it as easy as jumping into a blob of mud?’

The experts at Soap Lake Natural Spa & Resort will tell you that it’s not. They know that the mineral, pH, and nutritional levels of the mud must have a perfect balance. Otherwise, you’re just lounging about in the mud.

If you’re intoxicated or have skin abrasions and cuts, then mud baths aren’t a good idea. Those that have high blood pressure or take certain medications may also need to be careful.

For a few more basic tips: Don’t get the mud in your eyes, ears, or nose and shower before and after the treatment.

The Mud Bath at Soap Lake Natural Spa & Resort

Soap Lake has many healing properties, as the water is naturally enriched with minerals and nutrients. Soap Lake Spa offers rejuvenating mud pack treatments and spa sessions that incorporate mud therapy. Mud baths are an important part of a holistic natural life and the experts at Soap Lake Natural Spa have made it their mission to provide the most relaxing experience.

Next time you find yourself asking ‘Are mud baths good for your skin?’ and decide to inquire further into this practice, give Soap Lake Spa a call to schedule your relaxing retreat!

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