Beauty Benefits of Washington State’s Mineral Lake

May 18, 2017

Known as “Nature’s Spa,” the waters of central Washington State’s mineral lake, Soap Lake, have attracted visitors from all over the world since the turn of the century. The main reason to visit? The silky mineral water and rich mud.

The canyon lake offers the highest diversity of mineral content of any body of water in the world! Soap Lake contains more than 20 natural minerals. It has an especially high concentration of sulfate, carbonate, bicarbonate, and sodium. This makes the lake’s PH balance of about 10. With a mineral count and alkaline this high, Soap Lake is truly one-of-a-kind.

Tradition holds that the lake was known by Smokiam, which means “healing waters”. Since the late 1800s, visitors have traveled from all around the world to bathe in its rich mineral waters and lather mud on their skin for a luxurious spa treatment. Not only is Soap Lake’s water known to benefit joint and circulatory problems, it also has several beauty benefits.

These are some beauty benefits of Washington State’s mineral lake

Improved Complexion

Mud baths are one way to enjoy the unique mineral lake. For as long as people have been living in the Northwest, they have enjoyed bathing in its waters and lying in the sun covered in its dark, curative clay. The mud helps absorb oils, toxins, and moisture from your skin. While replenishing your pores with healthy minerals, the mud softens and tightens the skin for a glowing complexion. Just be careful while lying in the sun covered in mud, as the minerals and UV rays can induce rapid tanning!

Treats Skin Conditions

The symptoms of several skin conditions can be eased with the combination of Soap Lake’s mud, water and the desert sun. The National Psoriasis Foundation notes on their website that Soap Lake’s mineral-rich water and mud are thought to prove curative for a number of skin diseases. A number of people return to the mineral lake year after year for the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and shingles.

Shiny Hair

Due to the fact that the most abundant mineral there is washing soda, Soap Lake is a soft mineral lake. Compared to hard water, where the main mineral is calcium. While it doesn’t come with any negative health effects, hard water can bring problems to your hair and skin. It adds a buildup of minerals that can dry them out. Due to the high alkaline and soft properties of the water, taking a swim in Soap Lake will leave your hair shiny and silky-smooth!

Soap Lake is a great place to relax and swim in waters like none other on the planet! Factor in the healing and beauty benefits, and it’s no wonder that Soap Lake has attracted visitors from all over the globe. We hope these beauty benefits of Washington State’s mineral lake have inspired you to visit for a DIY spa day!