Best 5 Fishing Lakes in Washington

December 20, 2020

Washington is a treasure trove of fishing opportunities for novice and sport fishers alike.

The state boasts of a wide variety of fish, including freshwater Rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon, and more.

With more than 3,000 miles of coastline, Washington is the go-to state for fishers.

Find coveted fishing lakes in Washington with this quick guide to fishing in The Evergreen State.

What are the Best Fishing Lakes in Washington?

1. Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan has been a world-class fishing destination since the area was first settled in the late 1800s. The lake is open for fishing year-round. In the winter, you can even go ice fishing!

Some of the most common fish in the lake include Chinook salmon and Lake trout. However, when you visit Lake Chelan Valley, you aren’t limited to one lake. There are at least eight other fishing lakes and rivers in the surrounding area!

2. Ross Lake

Ross Lake is one of the most easily-accessible areas in the North Cascades National Park Service Complex. Nestled in the sweeping alpine landscape, Ross Lake is a sparkling blue beauty that will take your breath away!

Amid the numerous wildlife in the national park, there are at least twenty-eight species of fish in Ross Lake. In addition to an amazing day of fishing, be sure to watch out for wildlife bask in the natural beauty of the area!

3. Banks Lake

Banks Lake is home to a variety of fish like Smallmouth bass, Walleye, Lake whitefish, Rainbow trout, and Kokanee. It’s also a popular place for ice fishing. The eastern shoreline has many places for fishing.

While you’re in the area, visit Dry Falls, located on the southern end of Banks Lake. The beautiful waterfall is a sight to see!

4. Billy Clapp Lake

Billy Clapp Lake is located right in Summer Falls State Park. The park has a grassy picnic area, sun shelters, lots of trees, and a boat launch. During the fall, summer, and spring, the beautiful Summer Waterfalls flow freely.

Billy Clapp Lake is home to many species of fish, including Walleye, Rainbow trout, and Kokanee. Visitors are free to fish at the park and the boat launch.

5. Blue Lake

Blue Lake is mainly home to rainbow trout. The lake is fortified year-round with a fresh supply of trout for sport fishing.

While you are at Blue Lake, be sure to check out the incredible Rhino Cave. The unique cave formed fifteen million years ago when a rhinoceros died, causing the cave walls to form around it. It is a geological wonder and an incredible sight!

What’s the Best Place to Stay for an Overnight Fishing Trip?

Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort is the perfect place to stay on your fishing trip!


Soap Lake is central to Washington’s most popular fishing locations.

In fact, it’s only fifteen miles away from Banks Lake’s Dry Falls, ten miles away from Summer Falls, and seven miles away from Blue Lake.

The resort is also right on the bank of the world-renowned Soap Lake, which has the highest natural mineral count in the world. Because of this, there aren’t any fish swimming around in Soap Lake.

However, with so many nearby fishing lakes to choose from, it’s a great way to end your day with a relaxing mud bath or mineral soak in the natural spa waters!

With so many local attractions in the town of Soap Lake, you’ll never run out of fun things to do. Book your stay today at Soap Lake Resort!