Best Hidden Places to Propose in Washington State

July 20, 2019

If you are planning to propose, you no doubt know that it’s probably the most important question you could ask. The answer to those four simple words will determine the rest of your life. Moreover, you want the romantic moment to be memorable for your partner—one they will never forget. At the same time, you want your proposal to be special and unique; it’s sure to be a story you’ll tell numerous times!
Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to propose in Washington State. These secluded spots will no doubt make your proposal fun and personal! Keep reading to find the perfect spot to pop the question.

Make It Memorable With The Best Places to Propose in Washington State!

Afterglow Vista, Friday Harbor

Afterglow Vista, John S. McMillin Memorial Mausoleum, Roche Harbor by Ken Lane licensed by CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The Afterglow Vista is an enigmatic structure located in the center of a ten-acre forest near Friday Harbor. As you approach the pillared rotunda, you might think it jumped straight out of a fantasy world. It rests atop a small, grassy hill, with grand steps leading to it. The surrounding trees and beautiful natural lighting provide the perfect romantic atmosphere for any proposal.

Not only is the area magical in appearance, but the rich, romantic history of the structure make it perfect for a proposal. John S. McMillin built it in the 1930s to honor his family. In the center of the mausoleum is a table with seven chairs positioned around it, representing each of his family members: one for his wife, five for his children, and one for himself. Though the entire structure is dripping with symbolism, the most romantic detail of the structure is the positioning of McMillin’s chair in relation to his wife’s. Their positioning allows the June sun to perfectly shine through the broken column and onto the crypts of McMillin and his wife, uniting the couple in everlasting light.

Whether you are planning a June proposal or not, the Afterglow Vista is a unique proposal location for any adventurous couple.

Carousel French Cuisine, Yakima

best places to propose in washington state

Photo courtesy of Carousel French Cuisine Facebook

One of the most romantic restaurants in Washington is the Carousel. The restaurant was opened in 2003 by a French chef and serves authentic French cuisine unlike any other. The restaurant and bistro are in a former opera house, giving it a unique, historic atmosphere that is sure to make any proposal perfect. Make sure to book a reservation in advance!

Olympic Hot Springs, Port Angeles

Olympic Hot Springs by Ben Amstutz licensed by CC BY-NC 2.0

The Olympic Hot Springs are natural, unmaintained hot water seeps located in Olympic National Park. They are in a wilderness area and require some hiking to get to. The secluded area is perfect for any couple to take a dip in the naturally warm water in your swim (or birthday!) suit. Enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors with this fun proposal location!

However, make sure to test the temperature of the pools before you go in. Some can reach up to 118 degrees. Additionally, though the pools are invitingly clear, they are not regulated, tested, or treated by the surrounding national park, so soak at your own risk.

Soap Lake in Soap Lake

best places to propose in washington state

Soap Lake is a natural spa in (you guessed it!) Soap Lake, Washington. The beautiful lake is the only natural spa in the state, offering beauty and healing treatments in the mineral-rich waters. To propose, you could spend a romantic day out on the lake, or you could make a mini-vacation out of it and stay at the Resort. The lake is a great hidden gem for a romantic proposal because of the beautiful, water-front scenery, secluded hiking trails, and luxury resort.

Ladder Creek Falls and Gardens, Marblemount

Ladder Creek Falls and Gardens by Peter Albion licensed by CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Ladder Creek Falls is a refreshing woodland retreat with a spectacular waterfall. During the day, the creek and gardens are full of natural beauty. At night, however, colored lights ignite the falls. First constructed in the 1930s and ‘40s, the music and light show lasts fifteen minutes and begins every year at sundown and repeats until midnight. The artistic take on natural beauty makes Ladder Creek Falls and Gardens one of the best places to propose in Washington state.

Canlis Restaurant, Seattle

Photo courtesy of canlis. com

Lastly, we top the list with yet another unique restaurant. If you want a more urban proposal, Canlis is practically a landmark in Seattle. Canlis is well-known across the country for its exclusive fine-dining experience. Not only is the four-course meal one for the ages, but the two-story building overlooks some of the finest views in Seattle. Reserving a table for your high-end proposal will surely dazzle your soon-to-be fiancee!

Start Planning Your Proposal Today!

The only thing more significant than your proposal is your wedding day. Therefore, by picking any one of these hidden gems, you’ll no doubt make your special moment one of the most important of your life!