Buerger’s Disease Homeopathy

March 13, 2018

Homeopathy and natural treatment options can reduce symptoms for Buerger’s disease. In modern medicine, circulatory and anti-inflammatory drugs are used to provide patients with temporary relief.

Unfortunately, many of those medicines come with their own host of side-effects and issues, which is why many look into the benefits of a natural treatment plan.

The first step that should be considered when preparing to start with a homeopathy treatment is to stop smoking.

Second, change your diet by removing fast and processed foods, as well as coffee, alcohol, black tea and all forms of tobacco.

After making these changes, you’ll be ready for a homeopathic regimen.

Buerger’s Homeopathic Remedies

The following are non-toxic natural medicines. They’re safe for everyone, including pregnant or nursing women and infants.

Arsenicum Album:

For symptoms causing burning, restlessness and tingling.


A helpful remedy if you have tingling icy cold hands, pain in your fingers or swollen feet.

Crotalus Horr:

Provides relief when your hands feel numb, start trembling or become swollen.


A remedy if you experience that ‘cold in your bones’ feeling or have limb paralysis.


When your toes feel broken, feet feel sweaty, or you have trembling or prickling of your left hand.


Helps with spasms, numbness, and prickling; or when you have gangrene or varicose ulcers.

Soap Lake’s Mineral Waters

Soap Lake has had a long-standing reputation as the premier destination for alternative treatment of Buerger’s disease. The natural clay formation, the mineral enriched waters, and the detoxifying nature of the region create a conducive ecosystem for healing.

Its magical properties connect you with your inner-self and heal the body from the inside out.

When the body uses natural treatments to heal itself, it responds to other treatments better as well.

Benefits of Soap Lake for Buerger’s Disease:

Soap Lake can help you manage the symptoms and reduce swelling from the disease. The waters of Soap Lake enrich the skin with the natural elements present in the body.

Taking a few treatments at the Soap Lake Natural Spa speeds recovery and delivers benefits after the first few visits.

How It’s Helping Veterans Heal:

Soap Lake has had a strong history treating veterans for almost 80 years.

The area contains properties that help veterans heal from the inside, as well as offering the experience of a relaxed environment in which they can restore their body’s natural balance.

It’s a once in a lifetime trip for many veterans who visit the lake, as the experience is memorable in more than one way.


Buerger’s Disease homeopathy and natural treatments are effective alternatives for symptom reduction that have no side effects.

That’s why we recommend a dip in Soap Lake and a stay at the Soap Lake Natural Spa & Resort, where you’ll find ultimate relaxation. In fact, most of the cabins, suites and rooms feature jetted tubs that pull water directly from the lake.