Creative Ideas for an Adventurous Seattle Bachelorette Party

June 3, 2019

Next to the wedding, the bachelorette party can be one of the most memorable experiences of a person’s life. Perhaps you are planning your Seattle Bachelorette party, or maybe you are planning it for a friend. Either way, you want an experience to remember. Here we have compiled the most creative, adventurous things you can do on your special night in Seattle, Washington.

Exciting Seattle Bachelorette Party Ideas

Wine Passport

When it comes to Bachelorette parties, there is nothing more festive than wine. Savor Seattle offers a unique wine-tasting experience with their wine passport. The exclusive passport allows you to choose ten of the best wineries in Seattle to visit. The passport includes a Lyft driver with $50 in free ride credits. In addition, you get to enjoy the night at your own pace. With no time limit, you and the girls get to enjoy a night of relaxed wine tasting around Seattle.

Paint Dancing

Feeling creative? Paint dancing events combine two creative mediums: painting and dancing. Combining movement with color might mean getting a little messy, but what’s more creative than that? If you are looking for a crazy fun Seattle Bachelorette party unlike any other, make sure to book your paint dancing event in advance.


Looking for the ultimate Seattle experience? Consider taking a seaplane over the picturesque city. Private charters are available for a number of flight experiences, including extended scenic flights and dinner trips to neighboring islands. If you crave a little adventure in your party, a seaplane might be the ideal experience for you!

Hot Tub Boat

Not a fan of heights? Keep your travels at sea level with Seattle’s most unique boating experience by renting a hot tub boat. The boats are easy to drive and extremely safe. If you crave adventure and love water, the hot tub boat on Lake Union is a perfect Seattle Bachelorette party event for you!

Soap Lake

Want a more relaxing party to loosen up and rejuvenate? Take a trip outside town and spend a weekend at Soap Lake Resort. Only a few hours outside of Seattle, the resort is renowned for the beautiful lake’s mineral-rich waters. The unique properties of the water have been known to rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles, even skin tone, and is even known to heal skin discomfort. Additionally, the mud in the lake has healing properties as well.

Sure, you can visit a local spa in Seattle, but nothing compares to the natural, luxury spa of Soap Lake. It’s the perfect setting for quality time with your squad. You can book your stay at the awesome resort today!

Book your plans today!

With such a variety of fun, creative things to do for your Seattle bachelorette party, it can be hard to choose just one activity. However, make sure to book your plans soon; availability can be limited. In the end, though, the most important part of your Bachelorette party is having a great time with your gal-pals. So don’t be afraid to do something adventurous. It just might be a memory of a lifetime.