Driving from Montana to Seattle? Here are some must-see spots.

July 11, 2017

If you are leaving from the capital, Helena, the journey to Seattle will take about nine hours. This can seem daunting and a little unexciting, but if you plan accordingly, there are some awesome spots to stop along the way. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants and attractions you can see when driving from Montana to Seattle.


Located just under two-hours from Helena is the town of Missoula. This is the perfect place to take a break, stretch your legs and explore the quaint, yet happening, town. From taking a trip their local carousel, to enjoying a picnic at Caras Park, to taking a quick dip in one of their natural hot springs — Missoula definitely merits a pit stop. If you are there for only a little while, be sure to drop into Bagels on Broadway for a dozen of their fresh bagels and some coffee to fuel the next leg of your trip!  

St. Regis

The next must-see destination on the drive from Montana to Seattle is St. Regis. Nestled in the mountains and named for the nearby St. Regis River, this town puts a heavy emphasis on tourism. If you are just passing through, the best place to stop is the St. Regis Travel Center. This all-in-one family stop offers Montana’s largest gift shop, free popcorn, a free live trout aquarium, ice cream, coffee and a large convenience store. If you happen to be passing through on Memorial Day, be sure to check out Montana’s largest flea market!


Since its first days as a rail hub, Spokane has stood as a destination city immersed in natural beauty. From gliding over Spokane Falls in a gondola to feeding the Garbage-Eating Goat, Spokane has something for everyone. If you are just looking for a quick spot that will give you a great taste of the city, take some time to stretch your legs in Riverfront Park. With over 100 acres to explore, you could simply enjoy a nice picnic or take a slide down the park’s larger than life Radio Flyer!  

Soap Lake

Known as ‘Nature’s Spa’, Soap Lake is one of the most unique stops on the drive from Montana to Seattle! The picturesque lake is famous for its silky mineral water and rich mud — both of which are known to have healing and beauty benefits! While you’re there, partake in the tradition of lathering some of the lake’s black mud on your skin. The mud helps absorb toxins and oils which softens and tightens skin for a glowing complexion. While you are passing through, be sure to stop at Lakeside Bistro for some delicious comfort food made with locally sourced ingredients!

Overall, there is a lot of amazing roadside attractions on the drive from Montana to Seattle! Whether you are looking for DIY spa treatments or 100-acre parks to explore, there is something sure to please anyone on the 9-hour journey.