Eastern Washington Hikes for a Day Trip

June 4, 2019

Lace up your kicks, because it’s time to take a hike! Eastern Washington is home to scenic wildlife and landscapes that are best seen on foot traversing through steep inclines, alongside rivers, and winding through mountainous forests.

If you’re visiting the Washington area, your trip won’t be complete without these top day trip worthy Eastern Washington hikes. Check them out!

Try any of these beautiful eastern Washington hikes

Brackish Lake Lenore” by Robert Ashworth licensed by CC BY 2.0

Lake Lenore Cave

With 12,000 years of history, Lake Lenore Caves were formed when the Great Missoula flood pulled pieces of basalt from the walls of the rock formations. Originally used as shelters for early Native Americans, Lake Lenora Cave functions as both a Native American gathering ground and hikers paradise. A relatively short hike of only 1.5 miles, this trail is perfect for beginners or a quick scenic tour.

Palouse Falls

Visit the picture-perfect, breathtaking Palouse Falls. This beautiful and extremely popular one-mile hiking trail is situated within Palouse Falls State Park. The last waterfall from glacial floods, Palouse stands at 198 feet. For beautiful views and hiking opportunities, make sure to stop by this hiking trail.

Crown Point Vista

Located in Coulee Dam, Crown Point Vista offers a one of a kind view of the city, Coulee dam, and wildlife all in one. Primarily used for hiking and running, dogs are also welcome to join on this relatively easy trail. Crown Point’s moderate level difficulty and beautiful views make it one of our favorite eastern Washington hikes.

Hawk Creek Trail

A short 1.2-mile hike, Hawk Creek Trail is located near Davenport, Washington. Featuring a beautiful lake, this trail is mostly used for hiking, camping, and bird watching. In addition, Hawk Creek has glacial terraces, Missoula Flood remnants, and basalt formations. Visit during the months of April to October for ideal climbing conditions.

Palouse Falls, Eastern Washington by Audreykristine licensed by CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Hoodoo Canyon Trail

A dog-friendly hiking trail, Hoodoo Canyon Trail offers an easy beginner trail near a beautiful lake. This trail is a destination hot-spot for fishing, swimming, boating, and kayaking. There’s something to do for everyone at this park–including Fido! Linger around for lunch and make sure to pack a swimsuit because Hoodoo is perfect for a casual summer day.

Steamboat Rock Trail

This butte covers over 600 acres offers a challenge for hikers. This six-mile hike has incredible views of the nearby areas, especially during wildflower season. Filled with lush flowers and native wildlife like marmots and elk, the best time to hike is during the summer months of July and August. Stop by today, you won’t regret it!

Turn your day trip into a weekend affair!

Eastern Washington is home to a plethora of scenic hikes! However, to see it all, you might consider making your day trip into a weekend-long trip of nature hikes.

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