Family-Friendly Resorts in Eastern Washington

July 23, 2019

Need a getaway for you and the family?

It’s not always easy to get time with your family when you or your spouse work, kids are in school, and other obligations pop up. Therefore, it’s both therapeutic and fun to get away with your favorite people and share some family bonding time together. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best family-friendly resorts in Eastern Washington.

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Top Resorts in Eastern Washington for Outdoor Family Fun!

1. Soap Lake Resort

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Soap Lake Resort is a family fun natural spa located right on Soap Lake. The lake is known for its mineral-rich healing waters. If you or your kids love to swim, this lake is the perfect destination.

If you have children that love to get dirty and play outside, this is also the place for you! The mud in the lake is also mineral-rich, making it good for your skin if you or the kids want to get a little messy with a mud bath. Moreover, the resort is dog-friendly, so take Fido along on the family trip and let him soak in the water too!

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2. The Lodge at Columbia Point

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Photo courtesy of The Lodge at Columbia Point.

The Lodge at Columbia Point is one of the top hotels in Richland. Located right on the Columbia River, The Lodge has tons of fun outdoor activities for the family. Go kayaking, kite sailing, windsurfing, paddleboarding, waterskiing, tubing, and/or fishing. Moreover, there is a beautiful trail along the river that you can walk, jog, or bike. If you are looking to relax and bond with the family, this is the destination for you!

3. Sleeping Lady Resort

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Sleeping Lady Resort by Satanoid licensed by CC BY 2.0

Sleeping Lady Resort offers a wealth of fun activities for you and the family, including backcountry skiing, downhill skiing, nordic skiing, sleigh rides, and tubing in the winter. In the Spring, Summer, and Fall, however, you can enjoy mountain biking, birding, fishing, hayrides, horseback riding, paragliding, rock climbing, tennis, tubing, and whitewater rafting. You’ll never run out of outdoor activities at Sleeping Lady!

Moreover, there are kid-approved activities for the little ones. Take your kids on a self-guided art-walk, bird walk, garden tour, or scavenger hunt. When kids participate in these activities, they earn their very own patches. Additionally, you can go hiking, play in Icicle Creek, or play in the pool.

4. Sun Mountain Lodge

Sun Mountain Lodge by Joe McCarthy licensed by CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Sun Mountain Lodge is located right on Patterson Lake and us surrounded by lush, natural beauty. In addition to the numerous seasonal activities available, the Lodge offers family-based activities. For example, outdoor family activities include guided nature hikes, the Beaver Pond Scavenger Hunt, horseback riding, mountain biking, badminton, croquet, and volleyball. Moreover, there is also a jungle gym and swimming accommodations for the kids. Inside the lodge, your family can enjoy the game room.

Moreover, the local town is a vibrant community of craftspeople and artisans. You can enjoy their shops and galleries along the boardwalk and enjoy local festivities that take place year-round. With so much local wildlife and rich history, you’ll never be bored at Sun Mountain Lodge!

Furthermore, if you parents want a night out alone, the concierge staff can arrange for babysitters. On the other hand, they can help you coordinate family outings and find age-appropriate activities.

5. Northern Quest Resort

The Q at Northern Quest Resort and Casino Spokane WA by Stephan Bugno licensed by CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Our last vacation destination in eastern Washington is Northern Quest Resort. For families who would rather forgo the outdoorsy adventures, Northern Quest is the place for you!

This resort has activities for any and all ages. Parents can enjoy the luxury spa and casino at their leisure, while the kids enjoy the interactive arcade. Moreover, with hourly childcare, parents can enjoy some time alone while the kids play age-appropriate games. Moreover, their family-friendly dine-in movie theatre makes this a fun destination for the whole family.

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