Family Weekend Getaways in Washington State

April 18, 2018

Washington State is the perfect family getaway destination, with a variety of things to do. The Central Washington area is filled with activities, adventures and fun sightseeing destinations all year round. There are also many vacation spots that include hiking, treks and picnic areas.

You get a taste of all the great state of Washington has to offer by visiting the outdoors, playing in the rivers, and fishing out by the lake. It’s a piece of tranquillity hidden inside a busy region.

Here are a few ideas you’ll love for family weekend getaways in Washington State:

1. Soap Lake

Soap Lake is one of the most gorgeous parts of Washington that you’ll ever see.  

Families come from across the world to visit Soap Lake. The sights, the sounds, and the land have an enriching quality that’s quite unique.  This natural paradise also nestles the Soap Lake Natural Spa & Resort, which has been a haven for visitors looking for a beautiful place to stay and relax.

The luxury cabins and accommodations and the atmosphere create a beautiful melody in the mind, as they relax you into calm serenity. Take a walk by the lake, go hiking, swimming, or visit one of Washington’s favorite resorts at Soap Lake.

2. Bellingham/Whatcom County

Bellingham is one of those gorgeous places where there’s so much to do that you can easily spend a few weeks in the region. Whatcom county, especially, is where you can really take in the scenic outdoors and have a wonderful time on a river, a lake or on top of a mountain. You can see wildlife of all kinds at Bellingham and Whatcom County, with more options for relaxation and art festivals than in any other area.

3. Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Mount St. Helens is a beautiful family getaway if you want to experience the rich history of the state and our country. You can hike along the 1981 eruption, check out the forests, plants, and animals, as well as explore the wide range of exhibits and films. You can spend a day visiting the wonderful attractions along State 501 and stay at the Windy Ridge or Spirit Lake. Mount St. Helens National Monument is found inside of the Gifford National forest, where you and your family can enjoy fishing, berry-picking, camping, and waterfalls.

4. Leavenworth

This wonderful town is a Bavarian-themed time capsule. It’s a gorgeous little slice of the past, where restaurants and hotels are all designed in the Bavarian art-style. When in Leavenworth, families can spend a beautiful afternoon wandering the local shops, having the street food, and strolling in the waterfront park.

The local fish hatchery is another key place where families visit and explore the roots of the town and enjoy the catch-of-the-day. The Nutcracker Museum is a favorite among kids who love the charm and appeal of the old town look.

There are also a number of old restaurants that are themed with a vintage style.