Five Cozy Lake Resorts in Washington for a Relaxing Getaway

June 7, 2019

Home to over 8,000 lakes, Washington State is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the country. Lake resorts in Washington are the perfect place for a company retreat, a romantic getaway, or a trip for the whole family. Keep reading to discover the most beautiful, relaxing waterfront resorts in Washington!

The Best Lake Resorts in Washington

Soap Lake Resort

Soap Lake has one of the highest mineral counts in the world. The mineral-rich lake aids in skin rejuvenation, soothes skin discomfort, and heals skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Additionally, the mud in the lake has healing benefits as well. In addition to being surrounded by picturesque natural beauty, the resort offers many outdoor recreation activities from paddle-boarding to kayaking. The unique properties of the beautiful lake make it a perfect vacation spot for anyone.

Ross Lake Resort

Ross Lake Resort is perfect for those looking for a remote getaway. In fact, Ross Lake is so remote there is no road access! Whether you decide to hike or take a ferry to the scenic resort, embarking on the adventure will no doubt be worth the effort. Once you get to the lake, you get to stay in one of the fifteen floating cabins that rest on the lake. Additionally, Ross Lake resort offers a variety of activities including boating, kayaking, and canoeing, among other things.

Lochaerie Resort

Built in the mid-1920s, Lochaerie Resort maintains its historical ambiance with its vintage reservations. Furthermore, the resort is located in the Olympic National Park, which is comprised of an incredible rainforest climate. That being said, there is a variety of unique outdoor activities.

For example, Olympic National Park has some of the biggest trees on record and is home to some 800 species so one popular activity includes big tree hunting. Additionally, wildlife and bird watching are popular due to the variety of animal species found in the area. Furthermore, the Lake Quinault Museum is a great place to learn about the history of the area.

Salish Lodge and Spa

Not only is Salish Lodge and Spa on a lake, but it is also near a waterfall! Snoqualmie Falls has a sheer 268-foot drop carved right in ancient volcanic rock, making it one of the most unique lake resorts in Washington. Founded in 1916, the resort is known for its Pacific Northwest dining experience and incredible spa accommodations. Along with the spectacular waterfall, hiking trails allow visitors to see the best views of the area.

Skamania Lodge

If spas and wellness retreats aren’t your idea of relaxing, a vacation centered around fitness might be the best option for you. Located in the nation’s largest National Scenic Area near the Columbia River Gorge, Skamania Lodge offers a number of impressive activities. These include hiking, windsurfing, golfing, tennis, basketball, water sports, and so much more.

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Lake resorts in Washington are some of the best destinations for relaxing getaways. Next time you need a getaway with a view, try one of these lake resorts in Washington.

For a longer stay that focuses on health and wellness, consider staying at Soap Lake resort, where relaxation takes on a new level with the lake’s healing waters. Book your stay today!