Healing a Friend: Try Mineral Water Baths as a Dog Arthritis Natural Remedy

April 30, 2019

Dogs are man’s best friend! From pup to senior citizen, these furry canines are loyal without fault. We’ll do anything to ensure the happiness health of our dogs. So, when hard-to-treat ailments like arthritis strike it can be a difficult situation to witness.

Dogs suffering from arthritis can have difficulty performing everyday activities such as walking and sitting. This can affect the dog’s mood and lead to more severe conditions. Luckily, mineral water baths can help your friend in need. Here is a dog arthritis natural remedy you have got to see to believe.

Fast Fact to Mineral Water as Dog Arthritis Natural Remedy

How Mineral Water Helps Inflammation

The chemical composition of mineral water yields some impressive therapeutic health benefits. The gases and minerals found within can help fight skin conditions such as eczema and reduce inflammation.

Inflammation is one of the leading causes of several diseases including arthritis- a primary disease caused by inflammation. Once joints become inflamed, a vicious cycle of chronic pain is set into place. Any movement only further aggravates the issue, and no change at all can also be detrimental. Mineral water is a dog arthritis natural remedy that has been tested time again throughout history.

How Mineral Water Heals Naturally

Mineral springs and spas have a different effect on the body than simple warm baths and their effects can be felt immediately. The stiffness and pain your dog is feeling can be relieved by soaking them in warm mineral springs.

The warmth of the water, in combination with its precious minerals, buoyancy and massaging capabilities can help reduce inflammation and heal naturally. The process takes hold quickly, and recurring baths continue to improve until the pain becomes minor. The minerals are absorbed through the skin, too, and can help break down the plaque associated with psoriatic arthritis.

How to Find Mineral Waters in the States

The United States is home to abundant mineral springs, particularly in the northeast region of the country. Soap Lake is a small town in Washington State by the lake of its namesake with abundant springs and spa resorts that accommodates thousands of guests a year.

If you are up for a trip, then Soap Lake Resort could be the perfect relaxation spot for your pup. It will provide all the necessary treatments and therapies for the reduction of inflammation and help them feel great again. There is a reason Soap Lake has become a premier destination in the country.

Rejuvenate Your Furry Friend

We know that there is nothing you wish for more than to see your pet able to run again freely. We all want to see our pets playing as carefree as puppies and enjoying life. Approaching conditions such as psoriatic arthritis with natural remedies is a great way to help them. You can discover the powers of nature while also healing the body to return to a state of comfort.

Contact Soap Lake Resort today at (509) 246-0462 and inquire about your options. With mineral water baths, your dog may return the life they once knew.