How to Spend Thanksgiving in Washington State

July 26, 2019

Cooking a large Thanksgiving meal is a lot of work! Though it’s worth the effort, sometimes it’s nice to relieve the stress and mix up the typical family traditions. Want to explore something new? Perhaps make a new tradition? Check out these fun ideas for your next Thanksgiving in Washington state!

Where Should You Spend Your Thanksgiving in Washington State?

Spend the Weekend at a Resort

Nothing says holiday like going on a mini-vacation. So why not spend Thanksgiving weekend at a resort? Instead of slaving in the kitchen for a day (or more), have your Thanksgiving meal served to you, then relax on a lakefront beach.

One of the best resorts to spend Thanksgiving at it is Soap Lake Resort. This unique collection of cabins is known for its mineral-rich lake, which serves as a natural luxury spa. Moreover, the Lakeside Bistro will no doubt provide you and your family with the ideal Thanksgiving feast! Contact Soap Lake Resort today for more information!

Have a Restaurant Feast

What’s Thanksgiving without the food? Keep it simple and stress-free this Thanksgiving by eating at a local restaurant or even taking a day trip to Seattle. Moreover, you could pair your festive feast with an urban outing and spend the day in the famed city!

There are some amazing restaurants in Seattle open on Thanksgiving day! For example, Tilth has a four-course Thanksgiving meal with an organic twist. Moreover, Cafe Flora has vegan and vegetarian options. Last but not least, Shaker and Spear offers a more traditional, high-end meal for the holiday season. However, don’t let this short list limit you! There are tons of foodie options in the Seattle area!

Embark on a Scenic Picnic

Not into the urban atmosphere? Why not go rural and enjoy Washington’s beautiful fall colors? Pack a picnic and travel to a rural location, such as a National Park.

Olympic National Park, in particular, has a particularly beautiful location. With so many outdoor activities to take part in, it’s a great place to turn your picnic into a weekend camping adventure. Go fishing, boating, climbing, hiking, wildlife-watching, or even participate in a ranger-led program.

Turn to Creativity

During the holidays, many families like to decorate their homes with homemade crafts, such as centerpieces for the dining table, wreaths for the front door, ornaments for Christmas, and many other fun things that make your home festive for the fall season. Why not collect some pinecones and decorate them with the kids? You could paint a mural, make ornaments, or even build a gingerbread house. The possibilities for autumn crafts are endless!

To get you and your family in the creative mood, you could even visit a local craft fair. There, you can spend time with the family and buy holiday decorations or simply get inspiration to make your own. Here are some holiday craft fairs in Washington that take place in November:

Plan Your Thanksgiving Holiday Today!

With so many fun ideas to spend Thanksgiving in Washington state, planning your holiday has never been easier. Make this Thanksgiving the most memorable one to date by embarking on one of these unique adventures!