Mineral Water for Pet Health

March 15, 2018

Natural Treatment to Treat Your Pet’s Diseases

Most of the time,  people automatically follow the veterinarian’s treatment recommendations because medical professionals are trusted to be experts.

Unfortunately, veterinarians—or doctors in general— don’t usually recommend natural treatments after diagnosis. They often rely on conventional medicine that might not completely cure your pets.

For example, antibiotics are sometimes ineffective because some breeds are sensitive to some medications.  A common condition such as a Staph (Staphylococcus) infection that is usually treated with antibiotics could instead be treated with a natural alternative with no side effects.

Soap Lake Mineral Water as a Treatment

Soap Lake mineral water has healing properties that can help with treating certain conditions.  This lake has the highest diverse mineral content of any body of water on the planet.

Generations ago, local Native American Tribes relied on these healing waters to cure the sick and the injured, and today, many visit this place in hope of healing as well.

How do the Water Minerals Help Treat Conditions?

Soap Lake’s mineral-rich waters are highly alkaline. As a result, this environment is hostile to bacteria, viruses and other causative agents, causing these to deteriorate.

Besides swimming in the lake, some people like to apply the mud from the lake on the affected area.  By taking a mud bath and laying in the sun, you can give the healing minerals more time to break down the natural components in the mud and absorb them from the surface in.

As a precaution, we recommend not to leave the mud on for too long while being exposed to the sun.  The combination of the minerals in the water and UV rays could rapidly cause burning on the skin for humans.

How Soap Lake Has Cured Pets

A couple of visitors who stayed at the Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort in the past shared their experience of how swimming in the lake helped their dogs recuperate:

“My dog Maia had staph the first two years of her life. I spent hundreds Trying to clear it up. I have psoriasis and moved here, took Maia swimming, she loves the water. The staph cleared up and never came back. My psoriasis is so much better. That was in 2010. Try it, it’s free. Just give it a chance.”


“We bring my dog in the summer to swim in Soap Lake to help with her skin allergies! So beneficial!”


Staying Overnight at Soap Lake With Your Pet

If you’re planning on staying overnight, consider the Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort on the shores of mineral-rich Soap Lake.  This hotel is a great option since it offers designated cottages and lodge suites that are pet-friendly.  All you need to do is register your pets at check-in, pay a pet fee, leash them while visiting public areas, and put them in a crate in the hotel room.

Besides the naturally wonderful mineral water, the resort also offers innovative spa treatments, yoga, hiking, swimming, and fitness.