Natural Spa in Soap Lake, Washington for holistic health and alternative therapies

February 14, 2017

Holistic Health through Natural Spas

The belief in the health benefits of mineral water dates back centuries, recorded since the ancient Romans. Legionnaires fatigued by wars used to find rejuvenation, relaxation and treatment of sore wounds through soaking in these natural spas. In fact the word “spa” is an acronym for “Salus Per Aquae”  in Latin, which translates to “health through water”.

Generations of people have found relaxation in mineral-rich, natural hot springs. In fact, the term “balneotherapy” refers specifically to therapeutic bathing in thermal or mineral water. When combined with physical exercise, hydrotherapy and mud packs, it forms an effective holistic treatment for those seeking natural remedies. These natural spas provide a great therapy option for those looking for alternative treatments.

Though it is still not clear which elements are essential, and what the optimal concentration of each element is, overall, soaking in warm or hot mineral water has many health and wellness benefits.

These include:

1.   Stress Reduction

The most common benefits of soaking in the hot springs are reaching a deep state of relaxation and soothing for aching muscles or joints.  Once the stressed muscles are relaxed, it leads to improved sleep and healthy digestive tracts. According to the National Sleep Foundation, insomnia or lack of adequate sleep is one of the main causes of stress in the body.

2.   Detoxification

Bathing in hot springs or spa treatments helps to gradually release toxins in your body through sweating.  Increasing body temperature during the process also helps to naturally kill harmful germs and viruses, eliminate toxins, increase circulation and reduce blood pressure.

3.   Improved circulation

The bicarbonate hot springs are thought to help with blood circulation, hypertension, nervous imbalances and atherosclerosis.

4.   Natural Skin Infection Treatment

Experts in alternative medicine say that bathing in sulfur-rich hot springs helps treat dry scalp and arthritic pain. The bactericidal activity of hot spring water was explained to be due to the manganese and iodide ions in acidic conditions.

5 . Immune System Boost

Many of the minerals in the spa water are also nutrients and trace elements essential to the body. Though they are absorbed in minute quantities, they help build the immune system. This is essential in helping the body in fighting infections.

The interest in wellness resorts and destination spas have become increasingly popular in recent years, which is no surprise given the amount of stress most of us live with. These ancient healing practices are enjoying a popular modern revival as people increasingly turn to tried and true methods of holistic healing. Soap Lake, which attracted Native American tribes for centuries, is now a well sought out destination for thousands of tourists seeking a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway.