Naturopathic Eczema Treatment: Mineral Water and Mud Baths

March 13, 2019

Eczema can be an irritating and painful problem. If you’re suffering from it, you may be looking for an effective naturopathic eczema treatment. The only natural mineral lake in Washington could hold the answers to finding relief.

What is Eczema?

Eczema (or atopic dermatitis) is a skin condition that causes redness and itching. While it’s often seen in children, eczema can occur at any age. It is a chronic, long-lasting problem that flares up periodically, often for people’s entire lives. And, unfortunately, there isn’t a cure. There are, however, self-care measures and treatments to relieve the itching and guard against fresh outbreaks. Eczema often has a genetic cause and a number of factors can trigger it. These can include detergents, allergens, certain foods, certain fabrics, stress, and hormonal changes.

Naturopathic Eczema Treatments

Since there is no medical cure for eczema, many eczema sufferers seek treatment beyond what traditional medicine can offer. These treatments are wide ranging, but the most common natural methods are below.

Mineral Water Soaks

People who suffer from eczema often find mineral water soaks highly beneficial. This is because the minerals in the water help to soften their skin, trap hydration, and soothe the dry skin associated with eczema. Some sufferers of eczema have been known to add minerals to their bath water, or go seek out bodies of water that are known for their mineral properties. A great place for this is Soap Lake. With its very high mineral content water, the lake offers an effective naturopathic eczema treatment for those who are suffering from this painful condition.

Mud Bath Treatments

A very therapeutic, and natural, treatment for eczema is mud baths.  This is because the mud absorbs toxins, moisture, and oils from the skin. It does all of this while it replenishes the pores with its healthy minerals. Not only that, it tightens and helps softens the skin. The result is a clear and glowing complexion, all brought about naturally! Fortunately, the mud at Soap Lake benefits from the mineral rich water, and allows for beneficial mud baths to be offered.

Soap Lake’s Therapeutic Water

Soap Lake has long been known for the health benefits of its mud baths and mineral waters. The earliest Native American tribes who lived in Eastern Washington state knew about the lake’s healing properties. As a result, they would  travel for miles to take advantage of the waters. They used its therapeutic water to relieve arthritis, psoriasis, and eczema, among other ailments.

Soap Lake is unique in the world for its high mineral diversity and high natural mineral content. It is no wonder that so many health and wellness visitors come here from around the globe. They want to experience for themselves the lake’s healing powers, especially as a naturopathic eczema treatment!

Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort

When visiting Soap Lake, there’s no better place to stay than at Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort. Due to their mission, which complements the lake’s natural healing capabilities, the resort promotes a holistic and healthy lifestyle. It offers visitors the ideal opportunity to relax in luxurious surroundings. Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort boasts themed cabin rooms, in-suite private heated Jetteds, and a healthy menu. An amazing bonus to the beautiful resort property, is that it is set in stunning natural surroundings. These amazing natural surroundings make it a dream destination for those who love the great outdoors. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, including hunting, hiking, bird watching, and fishing. All of this is within easy reach of the natural mineral water source of Soap Lake. In short, the Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort has everything you need for a comfortable and health-promoting vacation.

Find out more about the skin benefits of Soap Lake and its naturopathic eczema treatment. You can also discover the resort’s comfortable luxury accommodations here.