Seattle Bachelor Party Alternatives for the Outdoor Man

August 13, 2019

Before his wedding, every man deserves an awesome bachelor party. However, not all guys are into the typical party scene. If you are into outdoorsy adventures, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled the most unique Seattle bachelor party alternatives for the outdoor man.

These ideas will no doubt make your bachelor party one to remember!

Unique Outdoor Seattle Bachelor Party Ideas

1. Hot Tub Boat

Seattle bachelor party

Hot Tub Boat by Wicker Paradise licensed by CC BY 2.0

One of the most unique excursions you can go on is taking a Hot Tub Boat out onto Lake Union. The boats are powered by electric motors that are easily maneuvered with a single joystick. You can drive the boat while lounging in the warm water or sitting on the aft deck. Moreover, you have the option of staying out on the lake for two to four hours. Just make sure you plan this outing when the weather is good!

2. Ziplining

Zipline by Austin Appel licensed by CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

There is nothing more adventurous than flying over forests! Just an hour drive outside of Seattle is Canopy Tours Northwest. Their tour features a historic ride in a Unimog forest vehicle, six awesome zip lines, a log bridge, two trail walks, and a final 47-foot descent. This is all located on Kristoferson Farm on Camano Island and the tour takes travelers through the beautiful surrounding forests. This Seattle bachelor party idea will no doubt make this an outing for the ages!

3. Seattle’s Cycle Saloon

Seattle Bachelor party

Cycle Saloon by Brewbooks licensed by CC BY-SA 2.0

Want to keep the festivities in the city?

Rent a two-hour biking tour to various breweries in the Ballard area in Seattle. The Cycle Saloon is a car-like vehicle that takes a group to operate. You and your pals work together to peddle it and travel to each brewery. It’s a great way to see Seattle’s scenery while keeping that bachelor party vibe. You can also take one of The Cycle Saloon’s vehicles out onto Lake Union.

4. Soap Lake

Seattle bachelor party

Take a short trip just a few hours outside Seattle and visit the famed Soap Lake Resort. The scenic lake is known for its healing waters, which is a result of the high mineral content present in the water. Essentially, this means you can cover yourself in mud, swim in the lake, and reap the benefits of the unique water. So rent a cabin and make your bachelor party a weekend venture! You can even plan an event in their Lakeside Bistro!

5. Fishing

Want to keep it simple? Fishing is a great option for those looking for a relaxing bachelor party. Moreover, there are tons of fishing options in Seattle! Go kayak fishing in the lakes near Seattle or even do a salmon fishing charter. Additionally, Green Lake Park and Mountain Baker Park in Seattle is a prime fishing location. For a quaint, quiet fishing location, try Belvoir Palace. There is certainly no shortage of fishing locations in the Seattle area!

Plan Your Seattle Bachelor Party Today!

With so many great Seattle bachelor party alternatives, there is an option for everyone. So implement an idea or two from our list and start planning your party today!