Soap Lake Mud Bath Treatments: Everything You Need to Know

September 28, 2018

Mud baths – one of our favorite paradoxes. After all, how is it considered a “bath” when you’re literally lounging in mud? And more importantly, why? For the most part, when people hear the words “mud bath,” they think of a luxury, relaxing spa treatment. But, cucumbers and robes aside, mud baths come with more health and skin benefits than you know! This is especially true when it comes to Soap Lake mud bath treatments.

Whether you’re in it for the relaxation or health benefits, mud baths are trending for a reason. But, what exactly are the benefits of Soap Lake mud bath treatments? From energy production to a glowing complexion, keep reading to find out how mud bath treatments could be used to revitalize your life.

The Rejuvenating Benefits of Mud Bath Treatments

Let’s talk about minerals. When it comes to mud bath treatments, you are basically soaking in minerals, all working together to create a health experience like none other. Some of the most common benefits of mud baths include treatment for skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea, aiding in circulatory system health, and soothing joint and muscle pain.

However, when it comes to finding mud bath treatments, you will most likely find artificially made “mud” that lacks minerals entirely. Because of this, you may want to consider Soap Lake for your next treatment. In addition to the relaxing mud bath treatments, the minerals found in the lake’s naturally mineralized water have substantive benefits in itself! So, what specifically are Soap Lake’s mud baths and mineral waters known for?

Soap Lake’s Healing Minerals

Soap Lake, a quiet lake in Central Washington, is known around the world for it’s highly concentrated mineral waters. When paired with the soothing mud found in the lake and a relaxing cabin escape at Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort, Soap Lake is a recipe for complete rejuvenation. Some of the most beneficial minerals found in Soap Lake’s water and mud include a 2.9 count of magnesium, 3840 of carbonate, and 504 of potassium!

Let’s dive into the health benefits of each of these minerals!

1. Magnesium

If you are looking for a more youthful appearance, magnesium is your mineral. Magnesium is commonly known to regulate cell replication and repair cells, reducing the likelihood of early onset wrinkles. Plus, it gets better! When paired with chloride, the duo packs a powerful punch. This mineral compound was first used in World War I and is believed to support a number of benefits. Improved sleep, a stronger immune system, better heart health, and improved bone health are a few areas you may see improvement.

2. Carbonate

Everyone knows carbonate as Arm and Hammer Baking Soda. But did you know that it helps with heartburn and indigestion? Carbonate also helps with nail and skin infections and reactions to poisonous plants like poison ivy and poison oak. In addition to this, is also helps to sooth discomfort from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

3. Potassium

Of course, you know of the high levels of potassium in fruits like bananas. But, what are the benefits when bathing in potassium? In addition to calming uncomfortable skin conditions, potassium also aids in bacterial and fungal infections like athletes foot and impetigo.

Book Your Stay at Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort

When it comes to enjoying yourself on a vacation with and endless supply of soothing mud and naturally mineralized water, Soap Lake Resort is the place for you. Whether you wish to plan an adventurous solo trip, a romantic escape for two, or a vacation for the whole family, you will find that Soap Lake is accommodating to any of your needs.

Each room comes with a private Jetted Tub tub so you can maximize your time with the minerals! You will also enjoy our pet-friendly rooms with free WiFi, free parking, lakefront access, and close proximity to a local Soap Lake favorite, Lakeside Bistro.

The name Soap Lake might sound a little odd, but its healing properties aren’t. Soak in the natural wood floors and walls of your room. Walk around the grounds and admire the scenery. Jump in the lake for a soothing, healing swim or soak. Book your stay today!