The Best Corporate Retreats in Washington State

May 15, 2017

Corporate group travel is making a comeback as many hotels and resorts across the United States. Whether you’re part of a company of five or 500, changing pace with a company retreat is a great way to break away from the daily grind. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best corporate retreats in Washington state. These spaces will help everyone on your team experience the perfect combination of relaxation and productivity.

Thornewood Castle

Located on the shore of American Lake, the historic Thornewood Castle is a 500-year-old Tudor Gothic historic site. Nestled on four acres, this provides a private, quiet location where you and your team can get together for team-building events and workshops. In their downtime, your colleagues can roam the half-acre English garden, swim, fish, or go boating on the beautiful American Lake. A retreat at Thornewood Castle is sure to boost your team’s morale and strengthen internal bonds!

Soap Lake

If you are looking for something exotic and unforgettable, take an adventure to Soap Lake! This is a historic wellness destination and luxury spa resort dedicated to inspiring balance in life. The combined effects of the resort’s innovative spa treatments, exposure to the natural mineral water, and daily activities such as yoga and swimming are sure to leave even the most jaded attendee in awe. There are gorgeous modern log cabins for your employees. Additionally, there is an ample amount of waterfront space for team-building activities. Break up meetings with the best outdoor and culinary experiences Soap Lake has to offer. This is one of the best corporate retreats in Washington State because is the quintessential place for your employees to relax, get to know each other and experience something out of the ordinary.

Earthbox Inn

If you are looking for something comfortable, the conference room at Earthbox Inn on the San Juan Islands is the place for you next company retreat! Because of the small size, there is no need to rush while staying on the San Juan Islands. At the Earthbox Inn, your colleagues can bond during bike rides, whale watching and hiking! The invigorating, yet restful, natural beauty of this space will revitalize your employees’ spirits.

Wind Mountain Ranch

If you want to take a trip to Stevenson, Wind Mountain Ranch features the perfect space for your company. They offer large outdoor spaces with views of the Gorge and practical indoor spaces if the weather isn’t cooperating. You can rent one of their three beautiful cabins, which make an ideal place for a weekend retreat! In their downtime, your employees can take walks through the woods or take a 20-minute drive to Multnomah Falls. It would be impossible for your team to not enjoy the serene view of elk wandering through Wind Mountain Ranch.

Hopefully this list of the best corporate retreats in Washington State inspired you to plan a getaway for your team. Overall, no matter where you plan your next corporate retreat, the time away from your office will make your employees more productive after returning to work.