Top 3 Reasons to Choose Soap Lake Resport for Your Couple's Retreat

February 28, 2017

Couple’s retreats in Central Washington are an increasingly popular weekend getaway option.

Not only is it a rejuvenating and welcome break, but also a fantastic opportunity to focus back on each other.

If you are looking for a couple’s getaway near Seattle that would allow you to relax in a romantic place without breaking your bank accounts, Soap Lake Resort is the perfect location.  Here are three of the many reasons why:

1. It’s a great way to take time off from work, kids, and the stresses of life

Did you know that stress could negatively impact a relationship, even when the source of the stress is irrelevant to the relationship?

According to the 2014 survey by American Institute of Stress, more than a quarter of respondents reported being alienated from a friend or family member because of stress, and more than half felt that stress has caused them to argue with people close to them. If you value your relationship as a couple, experts agree that taking a few nights away from stress inducing factors of daily living can have lasting benefits.

At Soap Lake Resort we have a serene atmosphere to relax and rejuvenate. Our small but historic city located in the center of the Washington State, just 20 miles north of Interstate 90 between Seattle and Spokane, offers you the best couple’s retreat getaway without having to travel long far.

2. You can bond over fun and adventure together

There is no dispute that laughter is the best medicine. Taking a Couple’s Getaway in WA gives you a chance to enjoy each other.

At Soap Lake Resort you don’t have to go far to find a variety of activities to choose from. In addition to spending time at the shores of historic soap lake known for its rich mineral waters, an attraction for visitors from all over the world and the US, we listed a number of local attractions you can explore on your own or with other visitors. We will also make it possible for you to discover an adventure together! Get outside & enjoy the outdoors!

Continuing to do interesting and fun activities together as a couple throughout your relationship can strengthen your love for one another.

3. You can spend quality time focusing on your relationship

A healthy relationship takes work to keep the spark alive. Terri Orbuch, a research professor and well known author of ‘Five Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great’ says, “When the relationship gets put on the back burner, a couples retreat reminds us about the importance of our partner and relationship”.  

Interested in a Couple’s Getaway?

Our Couple’s Retreat Getaway packages make it possible for a memorable time away. You will find time to focus on your marriage without the distractions of everyday cares. In addition, you can also carve out productive time to think and make important decisions after calmly considering options. Our restaurant serves healthy meals to keep your creativity flowing.

So, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, a honeymoon, an anniversary, or are just looking for the ideal weekend away from home, we hope you will consider coming to our intimate boutique resort. Call us to take advantage of our great deals on couple’s getaway near Seattle.