Top 7 Things You Need For A Company Event Venue

March 15, 2017

Finding the right venue for an important business event can take time. But with some patience and strategy, you can identify the right company event venue for your needs.

Consider the following 7 factors and use them as criteria or checklist.

1. Location

Different occasions need different considerations to decide where to hold the event. If most of your participants travel from different parts of the country or from other countries, a venue close to the airport would work well. On the other hand, for a company event in WA where attendees may be from Seattle and surrounding areas, a venue within a reasonable driving distance out of the city could be a good option.

2. Budget

As a business owner, cost might one of your important concerns. If you are flexible about your event date, you will find affordable business venues in Washington that are willing to negotiate the price based on their vacancy. This will help you save in the venue cost, giving you extra budget for food, beverages or entertainment.

3. Numbers

Meeting facilities usually have food and beverage minimums. When you negotiate with business event venues, having a clear idea about how many people you expect will help. With a little effort, you can get this estimate from past records for similar events or from your invitation list.

4. Layout

As part of the planning process, get the floor plan of each venue you are considering. You can then check the venue layout for important layout items like positioning of the stage, rooms for small group sessions, power outlets and audio visual equipment. This will help you to decide which company event venue fits the type of activities your team will organize.

5. Parking Space

Though it may sound obvious, parking facilities can potentially create unexpected problems, if not considered early on. Ask if the company event venues in WA have a parking lot or valet parking. If the answer is no, enquire about alternate parking in the area that your participants can have access to.

6. Facilities and Services

Ask if the location you like has an onsite kitchen with capacity to provide catering. The locations that don’t have attached kitchen facilities usually partner with catering services or have an onsite restaurant where your guests can get special rates.

Other services to check are about tables, chairs, linen and AV equipment. You have to budget to either order them from the venue itself or rent them from outside.

7. Accessibility

Accessibility in an event venue is a critical point when you consider affordable business venues in Washington. You can then assure yourself that everyone, especially those with special needs, families and children, can easily access the building and its facilities.

Using this checklist will make the task of planning your next company event easy and efficient!