Visitor Guide: Central Washington Lakes

April 18, 2018

People visit from all over the world to take in the breathtaking beauty of our most stunning scenery. When tourists think of Washington State, images of Seattle’s rainy days or our mighty mountains come to mind. However, the central Washington lakes are nothing to scoff at.

Many people come here to bird watch, while others come here to experience nature at its finest. We take pride in our lakes and do the best we can to keep them clean and well-maintained.

They’re not the most famous lakes in the country, but they sure have an unmistakable charm. These natural spots are still relatively unknown around the coasts, giving them a beautiful uncrowded experience.

Soap Lake

Soap Lake is a beautiful destination with magnificent views. Its glistening waters and healing minerals make it the perfect destination for anyone seeking a truly tranquil experience.

To truly get the most out of your stay, we advise a room here, at Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort. Our rooms and cabins bring the healing waters directly into your space, meaning you can get all the benefits without ever stepping outside.

Often called ‘the nature’s spa’, Soap Lake has a wide variety of indulgent DIY mud baths and face masks that add minerals and detoxify your skin. You can enjoy various recreational activities too, including paddle boarding, swimming, and hiking on the lake’s basalt cliffs.

Banks Lake

The Banks Lake is a 30-mile reservoir and part of the Columbia Basin. Banks Lake was named after Frank A. Banks, who was the chief construction engineer at the Grand Coulee Dam.

It’s a historical monument for many people in the region. In fact, it’s one of the more popular lakes in the region, with many frequent visitors.

Moses Lake

Moses Lake has many museums, art galleries, and local businesses. Each partakes in the history and culture of central Washington, sharing it with hundreds of travelers every day. They take pride in the beauty of the lake and stay connected with the natural glory of Washington.

This is a lake and a reservoir along Crab Creek, which is one of the most popular destinations in the area. Moses Lake is a part of the river basin and was dammed in the early 20th century for irrigation. It then became a popular tourist destination and has been so for decades now.

Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is a narrow 60-mile lake in the Chelan County. It’s the largest natural lake in the state and has been a popular destination for tourists who want to experience natural beauty.

The Chelan Dam was completed around 1927, and since then has been a calm haven for guests seeking beauty in stillness. There are many parks and recreational activities in the area to partake in, and families love to come here every year to revisit the magic of the lake.