You need to see this family reunion venue in Washington

October 6, 2017

Nostalgic and reminiscent, getting together with distant cousins, parents’ siblings and grandparents is something everyone looks forward to. A joyous celebration of bonds, family reunions have become trendier than ever. However, picking the right place for your reunion can be as challenging as finding the long-lost relatives you plan to invite.

So today we are going to tell you all about this amazing family reunion venue in Washington —

Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort.

Located in Eastern Washington, Soap Lake was one of the most well-known mineral spas in the West. Since the turn of the century, people have traveled from all over the country to visit Soap Lake. With the main attraction being the healing waters and mineral-rich mud. Referred to as the world’s greatest medical marvel, the world’s greatest healing spot, and the world’s greatest mineral sea, Soap Lake is dedicated to healing and restoring balance in life.

The water itself has a natural mineral count of 20 and it’s high alkaline makes Soap Lake truly one-of-a-kind. This is fortunate for those seeking natural spa treatments and to heal ailments such as psoriasis, arthritis, and circulatory problems. The best way to utilize this lake’s magic mud is a mud bath! For centuries visitors have been slathering the dark, curative clay all over their bodies and letting it dry in the desert sun. The mud helps absorb oils, toxins, and moisture from your skin and replacing them with healthy minerals. Not only does this treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, it softens and tightens the skin for a glowing complexion. Just be careful while lying in the sun — the minerals and UV rays can induce rapid tanning!

As for the resort, Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort is set on several acres of waterfront property and has its own private beach with hammocks and lounge chairs. Aside from plenty of open green space for kids to play, the resort offers kayaking, swimming, hiking, and DIY spa treatments!

The accommodations are what make Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort the best family reunion venue in Washington. This four-star resort features modern hotel rooms in a historic inn, spacious cottages, and luxury log cabins.

The Inn

The Inn at Soap Lake is a lovely, historic hotel on the shores of Soap Lake. One of it’s unique, and well-loved features is the world famous mineral-rich water can be piped right to your room’s private jetted tub. The spacious rooms feature free Wifi and cable and comfortable beds with premium linens. One of the benefits of small-town living is you are sure to have a restful night’s sleep!


Located on our scenic grounds, the charming cottages offer the plenty of space for the entire family! These rooms have a partial kitchen, Wifi, and cable. Further, most cottages offer in-room soaking tubs that can be filled with the lake’s healing waters.

Notaras Lodge

Luxury in log rooms best describes these rustic log cabins. We offer 15 rooms, each uniquely designed and decorated around a different theme. Each cabin features a kitchenette (microwave, compact refrigerator, and bar sink), cable TV, Wifi, and private patios. Further, seven of the cabins feature an in-room Jetted tub that can be filled with mineral water.

Overall, with room for the entire family and within walking distance to the lake, it’s easy to see why Soap Lake Natural Spa and Resort is the best family reunion venue in Washington. You can find more pictures of the resort on Facebook and call (509) 246-0462 for reservations.